“I have been a member of JCI for over a decade. Together with the people of JCI, I have grown, learned, experimented, and developed extraordinary things. I am honored by the members’ trust and ready to make them proud!”

Cristina became a member of JCI Bucharest in 2010, and in 2015 she was the youngest Local President elected. She has held leadership positions at the local, national, and international levels. She was named Outstanding Young Person of the Year 2017, receiving the Marius Sigheti Honorary Award, and in 2019 she was named JCI Senator 78202. In 2022, she served the organization as Executive Vice President, coordinated the national TOYP program, and promoted the 2023 JCI European Conference in Bucharest in more than 15 countries!

In addition to her volunteer work with JCI, Cristina has been an entrepreneur in the creative industries since 2014. She tells us that “Thanks to the people in JCI, I managed to gain the courage to pursue the path of entrepreneurship. Just by knowing entrepreneurs, you are no longer afraid of failure. You learn from their experiences, you have a support group and friends who build, just as you can build too.” The first company she founded is a visual creation studio where she dresses up and gives voice to brands, campaigns, and people. In 2020, she invested and founded a new business. And in 2023, she promises to contribute beautifully to the legendary construction of JCI Romania’s history. “We build together, guided by the same goal, this is the way we govern in 2023,” says Cristina.

JCI Romania Past Presidents

JCI Romania Senators

Irina Botnari – JCI Bucuresti
Marius Bogdan Pîslariu – JCI Suceava
Doru Biliuță – JCI Suceava
Alina Grigore – JCI Cluj
Ioan Iacob Netea – JCI Târgu Mureș
Marius Botoș – JCI Târgu Mureș
Cătălina Brînză – JCI București
Claudia Cordea – JCI Timișoara

Cristina Cerga – JCI București
Florin Ioniță – JCI Prahova
Alexandra Botoș – JCI Târgu Mureș
Corina Culea – JCI Constanța
Oana Roxana Radu – JCI Constanța
Horia Neș – JCI Cluj
Cristi Tudorescu – JCI București
Hermina Man – JCI Târgu Mureș
Diana Mardarovici – JCI București
Florin Șomodi – JCI Cluj

Stelian Burduhos – JCI Cluj
Răzvan Cosmin Straton – JCI Suceava
Ionuț Țața – JCI Constanța
Cristian Culea – JCI Constanța
Andreea Lutz – JCI Timișoara
Carmen Ungureanu – JCI Iași
Marius Alexa – JCI Iași
Radu Limpede – JCI București
Ioana Sfârlea – JCI Cluj
Alin Angheluță – JCI București

Adrian Coandă – JCI Constanța
Călin Grigore – JCI Cluj
Daniel Țigănilă – JCI București
Gabriel Comorașu – JCI Iași
Ovidiu Megan – JCI Timișoara
Mihaela Stroe – JCI București
Rodica Lupu – JCI București
Ramona Mihaela Paun – JCI București
Ilona Gorog – JCI Brașov
Marius Bud – JCI Cluj

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You can also partner with us to help us continue our mission to create positive change in our communities. By partnering with JCI Romania, you will have the opportunity to connect with a network of young professionals, participate in impactful community projects, and develop your leadership skills through training and mentoring.

We believe that by working together, we can create a better future for ourselves and our communities. Whatever your interest, we offer flexible partnership options that allow you to get involved in a way that works for you. 

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We are looking for individuals who have a strong desire to improve themselves and become reliable members of society. Our community is made up of like-minded individuals who share a passion for making a positive impact in the world.

Some of the essential qualities we seek include assertive communication, self-motivation, teamwork, collaboration, creativity, solution-oriented thinking, cultural awareness, and empathy. We also value inner drive, openness to new experiences, a desire to lead, and curiosity.

To be an active member of our community, we require a minimum commitment of three hours per month.