JCI transforms passionate young people into capable and young leaders through training, programs, projects and events.

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These four actions are a primary focus of World Headquarters messaging and efforts to strengthen the JCI brand, increase revenue and provide more value to the membership. Here are some areas to help you promote these actions.

Training - Encouraging individual development.

Get out of your comfort zone, take charge and earn the title of a Global Communicator! We focus on continuous leadership development and personal improvement - being a better leader today than you were yesterday. Together with other JCI members, you’ll gain skills beyond what you’ve learned in university or in your career, like self-confidence, entrepreneurship, resilience and cooperation, notably through the JCI Global Leadership Masterclasses.

Projects - inspiring community impact.

Use your talents to take action and become Global Changemakers! JCI RISE projects that seek economic solutions to complex problems are a unique opportunity to challenge yourself, develop your skills and help shape the future using a proven methodology. JCI members help turn their ideas into reality through active participation, in order to bring positive change to economies, businesses and societies.

Programs - fostering business and entrepreneurship.

Tap into your competitive side and develop entrepreneurial thinking as a Global Entrepreneur! JCI programs are a chance to showcase what you’ve learned and take your leadership skills to the next level. With a variety of ways to get involved, there’s something for everyone, including the opportunity to enhance your business through the Creative Young Entrepreneur program!

Events - facilitating international collaboration.

Become a part of our global family and expand your skills as a Global Networker! JCI events provide a chance to travel to new places, experience new concepts and become a better leader while meeting other young leaders making a difference all around the world.


By focusing on all Four Areas of Opportunity together, we create a more well-rounded leader who can effectively navigate a globalized world and create sustainable change on a local, national and international scale. Let’s define what each of the Four Areas of Opportunity means, and provide some examples of them in action!

Business and Entrepreneurship

Sustainable businesses, innovation, entrepreneurship. Example: JCI Programs like Creative Young Entrepreneur open up new opportunities for business-minded members.

International Cooperation

Fostering connections between all people for a more integrated and interconnected world. Example: JCI Events bring members together from over 100 countries to meet, share ideas and develop their business and friendship networks.

Individual Development

Focuses on leadership development, personal growth, learning and improvement. Example: JCI Training ensures members continue to learn and grow as leaders and individuals.

Community Action

Problem solving and contributing positive change where we live and work. Supporting a community need through a focus on the SDGs or by JCI RISE Projects providing a chance for members to rebuild their economies and societies with projects anchored in economic reality.


It’s not a charity

but it does provide members with the opportunity and tools to make meaningful changes to the world around them through long-term projects that boost economic and societal growth.

It’s not a school for professional trainers

but it does enable members to make enormous personal and professional developments.

It’s not a social club or business networking organization

but being a member of JCI opens the door to countless opportunities for friendships and partnerships across hundreds of industries.